Several years ago I was injured in a car accident and for years suffered with neck and back pain; I went to several physical therapists to no avail. Finally I was told to make an appointment with Dr. Adrian to see if he could help me, I wish someone would have told me a few years prior to the time I went. I have been coming into the Touch of Health for a few years now and have never felt better; besides the relief of neck and back pain I have had the opportunity to become friends with his fantastic staff who make every visit such a pleasure. I travel a lot and at the end of the day and a long drive sometimes I call and see if I can just come in, I have always been welcome to do so and leave the office with a smile, one because of the relief and another because of the pleasant employees.

I would and do highly recommend Dr. Adrian and the Touch of Health team for a complete recovery for all of your muscle aches, pains and injuries.You will not believe the patience of everyone and vast amount of knowledge you will leave with after your visit. —Russell H.

In 2005, after surviving my fourth cancer, working a job consisting of 12 hour shifts on your feet, bending, stooping, lifting, twisting, running, ect.  I was sent to a pain clinic for intractable pain.  When pills didn’t work, they went to patches and I didn’t even know my name.  I tried steroid shots, thirty pounds later with an alien personality; I was sent to physical therapy and told not to go to a chiropractor.  After 14 weeks of grueling physical therapy they asked me not to comeback until my pain was under control.

Now, 2009, I have one doctor for my pain, Dr. Adrian, and I wish I could go back 4 years but hindsight is 20/20.  I tell anybody with pain to start here. —Alice G.

I have noticed an amazing difference in my 3rd pregnancy while having consistent weekly appointments with Dr. Adrian. This has been by far the best pregnancy I have had. I believe it is due to regular adjustments and the pre-massage, which doesn’t hurt either. Thank you Touch of Health. —Haille H.

I was having trouble with my right hand, it hurt when I typed on the computer, I was worried that I had carpal tunnel and would need surgery. Dr. Adrian and Charity worked on my hand, forearm, neck and shoulders and the pain and discomfort are gone, completely. Thank you. —Paula M.

Dr. Adrian and his staff are compassionate, caring, and friendly. I searched a couple of years to find a superb “10” chiropractor in the northwest valley before I found Dr. Adrian. A friend recommended him after I was dismissed from another chiropractor after an automobile accident and was still suffering from a lot of pain, especially severe migraine headaches. I also tend to have frequent problems with my neck, back, and hands from working on the computer most of my work days. I see Dr. Adrian regularly to put me back in shape. He’s more in tune with my body than my regular doctor and saved my life, or at least keeps me living. He doesn’t give you a 5 minute adjustment and send you on your way. You get a 5-10 minute massage from his assistant and then he works on “all” the body parts that need adjusted. He speaks to you and makes sure you and your body receives the attention it needs before you leave. If it wasn’t for Dr. Adrian and his wonderful staff, I would probably still be on pain pills and not living life the way I’d like to. I go to Dr. Adrian before I go to my regular doctor now; he’s able to take care of the majority of my medical and physical problems without drugs and with faster results. If you have insurance questions or don’t think you can afford Dr. Adrian, speak to Karina. She’ll do everything possible to help you get the care you deserve.

I think Dr. Adrian and his staff are the absolute best! If you go anywhere else, you’re making a mistake. —Karen L.

I came to Touch of Health because I was tired of my pain due to tennis elbow. I have to admit that I was skeptical that they could help, but was willing to try something that didn’t involve injections. It took a few days, but relief was substantial and all pain was gone within a month. I recommended Touch of Health to other coworkers and they too have had similar pain relief.

Thanks Touch of Health. —Art E.

I met Dr. Adrian in 2004 at a Health Fair at my place of employment. I had been having terrible headaches in the back of my head for 2 years. He diagnosed my pain as subluxations of my spine and was able to relieve my pain immediately. I have been a patient of his ever since. —Tracy V.

A very sincere thank you-for helping me get through a very painful and difficult time. You have gone above and beyond my expectations on many occasions. Throughout it all, it was very evident that your focus was on my well being, and helping me get past the extreme pain I was enduring.

Your staff and office is unique, and exudes the positive feel for a center of healing and recovery. My experience at Touch of Health and the results of my treatment greatly surpasses the treatment I have received in the past 19 years with 8 other chiropractors.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have found Touch of Health. My family and I feel secure that we have Dr. Adrian and his staff that really care about our health to help us during the difficult and painful times.

Thank you, and please keep up the excellent care. —Rudy J.

I’ve been going to Dr. Adrian for a couple of years now and being a chiropractic skeptic at first, I’m glad I finally took the plunge.

Being a cyclist and riding upwards of 100 miles per week, hunched over the handlebars, putting strain on my neck, shoulders and lower back, Dr. Adrian’s adjustments have been nothing but helpful for me. I started experiencing numbness in my pinkie and ring fingers (on both hands) during and after my rides. Dr. Adrian worked on a specific part of my vertebrae and knocked out the numbness and has helped in making my overall health much better.

Thanks Dr. Adrian and keep up the outstanding work! —Rich F.

I became acquainted with Dr. Adrian’s services through my daughters close friend Karina. This happened at a time when I was going through extreme pain and suffering, because of two herniated discs in my lower back. While the specialist was making me jump through “red tape whoops,” Dr. Adrian saw my pain and stepped right into action. After consultation and examination he found the right procedure to start me back on the road to recovery. It has taken some time and I feel like I’m in maintenance mode now.

I am so grateful that Karina encouraged me to come see Dr. Adrian. He has been both professional and personable every time I’ve come into his office. I thank God for healing and putting Dr. Adrian in my life.

I’ve been sharing my experience with others and next week my mother has an appointment to see the Doctor. —Gretta H.

I admit I was a doubter; I’d always been under the impression that chiropractic care was something less than real medicine. If it didn’t have medications and the chance for hospitalization, it couldn’t have been effective. That was the case until I had almost given up hope and was willing to give chiropractic care a chance.
I’d been suffering with tennis elbow, or so my joint specialist (regular MD) had identified my pain. I endured nearly two years of very painful shots to alleviate the elbow pain. But the shots didn’t last long, and I had to wait 3 months after the shot, between shots. Unfortunately, the pain was back in about a month after the shot, and like a junkie, I nearly paced the floor waiting to be able to get my next shot. But my doctor was doing nothing to remedy the underlying cause of the pain. My last shot was so painful, I nearly passed out. After that, I was ready to try something new.

I’d been told by a number of individuals where I work of Dr. Adrian, and that he could fix the arm. One of the guys told me he had the same problem, and was cured by Dr. Adrian, so I was willing to give this “fake medicine” a chance. I made an appointment and met the doctor and his staff and from the start, everyone at Touch of Health was concerned, attentive, and very professional. Dr. Adrian explained what appeared to be the problem and what it would take to alleviate the irritation causing the pain. Sure it took more than one visit to cure, but with time, my tennis elbow and shoulder pain went away. I’m noticing that wrist pain I had at the same time is also non-existent.

It’s been nearly 6 months since I had any significant elbow or shoulder pain, but when I do have a twinge; Dr. Adrian is on it and makes it go away. I am impressed, so much so, that we are now working on my foot pain.

I would, and have recommended Dr. Adrian to anyone with any pain issues because his techniques are drug-free and work. I’m a believer in chiropractic care now, or at least Dr. Adrian. —Tom C.

Chiropractic care has not only changed my life but it has also changed my daughters’. I questioned a chiropractor when I was told my eldest daughter would have to have tubes put in her ears. We had previously been fighting ear infections with every kind of antibiotic. The whole operation sounded scary to me not to mention having to put my almost 2 year old through it. The Chiropractor I spoke with told me to bring my daughter to Touch of Health for an evaluation and after assessing her he informed me to bring her in for adjustments 2-3 times a week for a month. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care I took my daughter to her pediatrician for a checkup and asked to check her ears for infection. The pediatrician informed me her ears looked great and asked how they had cleared up. I informed her of chiropractic work and she was in total disbelief. My second pregnancy I frequently saw the chiropractor for my hip pain and terrible headaches. When my daughter was a day old, Dr. Adrian visited us in the hospital and gave my second daughter her first adjustment. Both of my daughters are rarely sick due to Dr. Adrian and his healing hands. To this day, Dr. Adrian Retamoza is my children’s doctor and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  —The Rogers Family

My daughter recently visited her ear, nose and throat doctor because of a decrease in her already diminishing hearing only to find out that she had fluid in her ear, a problem which would require surgery to be taken care of. Hoping to avoid putting our sensitive daughter through surgery we decided to go the unconventional route and try chiropractic care. After 3 weeks of regular chiropractic care from Dr. Adrian, the fluid in her ear had been drained naturally and in effect allowed her to avoid going through surgery. Dr. Adrian and his chiropractic work have been amazing for my daughter and family and we plan to continue to stay in his care to stay a happy and healthy family. —The Benavidez Family.