Chiropractic mainly involves manual therapy of the spine, other joints and soft tissues.  At the Chiropractic Offices of Dr. Adrian Retamoza, we evaluate all patients through a detailed consultation, an exam to check the muscles, nerves and spine, and X-Rays, if any are needed.  From this evaluation, it can then be determined what treatment plan will yield the most effective and efficient results.  Chiropractic care alone can provide immense pain relief, but in some cases, paired with Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or both, the results can be significant.


Spinal Decompression is used primarily in treating disc injuries of the neck and low back.  It is also used to treat bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, radiating arm pain, headaches, and facet syndrome.  It works by slowly stretching the vertebrae in microscopic increments.  The results can be effective!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy might be right for you if:

  • You are experiencing limited functional ability
  • If you have had surgery and need rehabilitation
  • If you have a musculoskeletal disorder
  • You need further treatment of the spine

We offer a wide range of physical therapy tools, from manual therapy, stretching, and electrical stimulation, to help you gain maximum mobility and pain relief.  Ask us how you could benefit from Physical Therapy!

Massage Therapy

(Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Prenatal)

Massage Therapy is also a highly effective treatment in relieving the everyday stresses of the muscles, ligaments and joints, and ensuring that your adjustments provide maximum, longer-lasting results.  Whether you require light and relaxing therapy or deeper work on problem areas, our massage therapist can provide Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point therapy, or Prenatal massage.

X-rays on site


most insurances have chiropractic and physical therapy benefits.  Ask us about your health, personal injury or workers compensation insurance.

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

If you have been in a motor-vehicle accident, or if you have been injured on the job, Touch of Health can help!  These situations can be traumatic physically, emotionally and financially, and we have a vast knowledge in handling such complex cases.