Chiropractic care is a natural method of health care which focuses on the correction of physical problems through the use of spinal manipulation, adjustment and alignment.  It is through these alignment procedures and techniques that chiropractors can aide a patient in healing the body naturally.  Procedural techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner, though the main focus of chiropractic is to handle the source of body troubles.  Where traditional medicine seems to rely on symptomatic handling, chiropractic is different in that it targets the root cause of a body’s ills.

Touch of Health has helped thousands of patients through many  types of injuries and illness.  Unlike many in his field, Dr. Adrian utilizes a diversified technique that combines different styles of chiropractic care.  In doing so, Dr. Adrian is able to give his patients a more well-rounded and personalized chiropractic therapy program to better heal the body.


 Chiropractic for Injuries

Many patients initially turn to Chiropractic therapy in order to handle the pain resulting from a car accident or other injuries involving the musculoskeletal system; and rightly so.  Chiropractic offers a way to heal even the oldest of injuries without the use of invasive surgery or medication.  By properly aligning the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments, the body is more able to return back to normal working order with less recovery time and none of the ill effects that surgeries normally produce.

Touch of Health specializes in Chiropractic therapy for car accident related injuries. If you are suffering from an auto accident injury, contact us today for a specialized consultation.